Volunteering Abroad Is Not A Holiday

not a holidayVolunteering abroad is not a holiday.

It’s not an experience you buy.

It’s not a passive museum tour.

It won’t allow you to switch off and drink cocktails poolside for 2 weeks.

When you volunteer abroad you give up your daily comforts and your normal diet. There is no wireless internet and no Netflix.

You turn your body completely upside down. You sweat, cry, learn, fall in love, over-think the simplest tasks, get frustrated, teach, cook, hug a kid, and laugh til your tummy hurts.

Every single day.

It’s freaking exhausting.

You volunteer abroad because you are a global citizen.

You know inequality exists, you just don’t understand the scale. It’s your responsibility to learn about the successes and failures of our global economic and social situation.

You also don’t know that people in developing countries are largely NOT starving, dying, depressed, or illiterate. Their wants are much the same as your own.

Get set for some real education.

Choosing to volunteer in Uganda will immerse you in a country that has many stories. Small scale projects changing lives, human and gender rights issues, the emerging middle class, night clubs, shopping, wildlife safari…

Volunteering abroad is a life changing experience.

Once you live with a family, without consistent electricity, and no indoor plumbing, you cannot go back to laying on a beach, taking a leisurely dip in the sea. You create relationships and connections with the people you meet that will endure.

You won’t remember any perfectly prepared, succulent, fresh seafood. But you’ll never forget with whom you shared your first huge plate of rice and beans.

Here’s a collage of some of our past international volunteers. If you want to see yourself in photos like these, you’ve got to volunteer in Uganda. We want volunteers ready to support Ugandan innovation and motivation!



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