10 moments everyone who volunteers in Uganda will experience

Planning a volunteer or other trip to Uganda or East Africa? Are your friends and family freaking out? Or are you just trying to get a sense of what it’s really like on the ground before booking your air ticket to Uganda? I originally wrote this post here on my personal blog. But since it has become so popular, I decided to move it over to The Real Uganda’s blog.

These are the highlights. You can at least start relaxing and planning the funnest time of your life.

The 10 moments everyone who volunteers in Uganda will experience:

1. The traffic freakout.

2. Squatting over a hole.

3. Sticking out like a sore thumb.

4. You’re home country has a lot of rules and regulations.

5. Everyone is welcome in Uganda.

6. People are the same the world over.

7. Volunteering is exhausting.

8. Development is not all about money.

9. Uganda is just so safe!

10. It’s not home, but it sure could be.

Please head over to full blog post and enjoy! I promise you won’t regret it.

The Real Uganda is a non-profit organization that sources international volunteers for locally led, community based initiatives in Uganda. We pride ourselves on offering mutually beneficial cultural exchange programs. Communities get helping hands and exposure to the outside world. Volunteers learn a new culture and approach to life. Founded in 2005, The Real Uganda has hosted over 800 volunteers from all over the world.

The Real Uganda doesn’t hope to save Uganda, we hope to share it with the world. We respectfully support Ugandan innovation and motivation.

lunch is served
Hope to see you in Uganda!



15 thoughts on “10 moments everyone who volunteers in Uganda will experience

  1. Great workLeslie, loving reading your posts, brings it all alive again. Love Uganda, and being part of the volunteering experience. Extended families, my Ugandan family, and the international family,ie the volunteers.

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