9 Ways To Stay Healthy and Safe While Volunteering In Uganda

Planning a volunteer or other trip to Uganda or East Africa? Are your friends and family freaking out? Or are you just trying to get a sense of what it’s really like on the ground before booking your air ticket to Uganda? I originally wrote this post on this personal blog. But since it has become so popular, I decided to move it over to The Real Uganda’s blog.

These are the highlights. You can at least start relaxing and planning the funnest time of your life.

Staying healthy and safe in Uganda is simple, just:

1. Eat the local food.

2. Eat the road side food.

3. Keep hydrated. 

4. Take your anti-malarials and sleep under the mosquito net provided for you.

5. No earbuds/ipod while walking along the road.

6. If you see a group of Ugandans running in a particular direction, don’t ask questions, run with them.

7. Be respectful.

8. Be street smart.

9. Ignore all the advice you’re given by people who have never been to Uganda.

I sincerely hope you head on over and read the full (updated) version of this post on The Real Ugandan’s website. I promise you’ll learn something about Uganda and be able to put your nerves to rest.

jens in Uganda
Just look how safe and healthy everyone here looks!



10 thoughts on “9 Ways To Stay Healthy and Safe While Volunteering In Uganda

  1. Great advice and tips. I’m still not so sure about street food. I’ve eaten plenty of street food in my life, and survived, but many of our Ugandan friends have indicated the vast majority of the stuff is cooked days before and sits in bad oil for days before being fried in front of you. I guess it’s all a matter of buyer beware eh?


  2. Nice tips 🙂 I liked the light-hearted tone of this post. As for street food, obviously, if locals are eating it and waiting in line, it should be the best choice 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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