All I Want for Christmas Is…

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So, we’re heading into the Christmas season once again.  Already tired of the crowded malls? Sick of buying yet more stuff that no one actually needs? Worried about the message hyper-consumerism is sending your kids?

I’ve got a nice idea to help ease your Christmas stress. It’s affordable, easily sorted online, won’t fill your house with more clutter, builds a nice story for your family, and helps a Ugandan mum keep her baby healthy and clean.

The Kijani Christmas Gift Drive

Kijani (Kiswahili for “green”) is a Kampala based social enterprise. They employ Ugandan mothers to make high quality, low cost, cloth diapers. They’re great for our environment and save tonnes of cash over disposables. Check out their website.

In conjunction with The Real Uganda (and 3 other Ugandan charitable organizations, listed below), Kijani is offering a unique way to help Ugandan mothers struggling to diaper their babies. Please think about purchasing a diaper set for a baby ($12) or special needs kid ($24). The diaper set is given out to a deserving mum, here in Uganda, and you get a rad Christmas tree ornament, made from African print fabric, in the shape of a diaper! Check it out:

Why give diapers?

Disposable diapers are very expensive in Uganda. Re-usable cloth diapers are rather new to Uganda, and remain out of reach to many families.  As a result, many babies go without diapers at all, or are wrapped in rags to minimize the spread of waste. Not only does this create a tonne of washing work for local mummies, but it can also lead to the spread of disease among babies and other young children. In fact, diarrheal diseases are one of the leading causes of death in Ugandan children under 5.

Kijani’s diapers are easy to wash, dry quickly in the sun, and are adjustable (fitting babies 5 – 18kgs)! They don’t leak either. Which is awesome as rural mums carry their babies on their backs!

Want to know more about the mums and babes?

Quadruplets going homeBetty, the mother of these amazing quadruplets, and her husband, are a rural farming family. They love their children dearly and are doing their best to provide for them, but diapers are totally out of their reach. Knowing that newborns poo 9 times a day – can you even imagine the amount of washing Betty is faced with daily? Oh yeah, remember all clothes washing is done by hand in Uganda!

robinah with baby

Robinah belongs to the Hopeline Women’s Group. Any income she makes goes to feeding and clothing her family. Diapers are not at all within her reach. When she goes out to dig in the nearby sugar cane fields, she fits her baby with undies, stuffs them with rags, and ties baby to her back. This diapering solution is of poor quality, totally leaky, and creates a lot of washing. Robinah and other mums in her group can’t wait to use Kijani’s product.

Again – If you participate in this gift drive, you will not only bless a mummy like Betty or Robinah with diapers, Kijani will send you a thank you card and a unique cloth diaper Christmas tree ornament made from beautiful African print fabric. These can be kept for your family or given as a meaningful gift to a loved one.

Please click here to Like Kijani’s facebook page and see the gift drive in action.

Please click here to be delivered to Kijani’s etsy shop to participate!

Read about Kijani’s partner organizations for the gift drive:

The Real Uganda

Joy for Children Uganda

Special Children’s Trust

Small Steps Foundation

As we only have a few weeks for this gift drive, and the goal is to reach 300 diaper sets donated, please share this post! Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, include Uganda in your holiday traditions for years to come. Thanks!

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