Some thoughts on the Pope In Uganda

On November 28, 2015, Uganda was host to Pope Francis – the people’s Pope. A new kind of Pope. The one who washes and kisses the feet of the sick (a la Jesus) and allows children passed his security detail. The guy who has a master’s degree in Chemistry and worked as a bouncer in Buenos Aires to pay his school fees. Time magazine’s 2013 Person of the Year. The first non-European Pope (since the 8th Century!).

An interesting guy to say the least.

Pope Francis in Uganda! Woo-hoo!

Since I’m not the religious type, the fun in this event was how Uganda, East Africa, and world reacted to it.

Kampala traffic is well known and not always organized. In order to keep time during his hectic schedule, and in honour of Pope Francis’ humble transportation choices while in the region, we had this hilarious commentary:

Pope on Bodaboda

As people who love to laugh in the face of absurdities, Ugandans circulated this meme WIDELY:

Pope with Presidents

His visit also may have opened up a much needed conversation between some very powerful men:

the handshake
Perhaps Pope Francis should grace Uganda more often!

We were a little pissed off when we saw this:

fox news idiocy
Jeez Luh-weez!

But bounced back quickly when we considered the source.

What many people around the world don’t know is that Uganda is home to Uganda Martyr’s Shrines at Namugongo (actually just a few kilometres from my home in Mukono). Back in 1886, the then sitting Kabaka (King) of Buganda sentenced a number of Christians, Catholic and Anglican, to death for “disobedience” (being committed to Christianity). They were summarily burned.

Pope Francis visited the shrines and held Mass at Namugongo during his visit. Our current Kabaka (King of Buganda) attended this Mass. Pope and Kabaka also met privately that evening.

Very cool.

Something else rad? Even though the original Christian missionaries tried to stifle traditional cultural practices all over Africa in favour of adopting Christian rites (and to some extent succeeded), Pope Francis was met with traditional dancing and drumming on arrival at the airport.

(Photo credits: The Observer and The New Vision)

Betcha he was totally stoked!

Want to experience Uganda, in all its cheekiness? Why not volunteer for a few weeks or months. The Real Uganda doesn’t want to save Uganda, it wants to share Uganda with the world. We support Ugandan innovation and motivation.

3 thoughts on “Some thoughts on the Pope In Uganda

  1. While we’re sorry we missed the Pope, we were able to attend Martyrs Day on June 3 with 2.5 million of our closest friends. Once Bonnie and I have gotten settled in at Providence Home in Nkokonjeru we’ll be in touch.


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