In the garden #Uganda

This is Robert, on his morning commute, to his gardens near Najjembe in Uganda’s Mabira Rainforest. He’s got his briefcase, his snack, and he’s chatting on his phone. Greatest job in the world.

Here’s what else you might see in the garden:

chicken shit spreader

A re-purposed jerrycan, used to spread chicken shit.


Phil, spreading chicken shit.

me spreading chicken shit on the maize crop at our Agriculture program

Me, spreading chicken shit.

big bug

This freaking thing LIVING in the chicken shit.

Okay, enough about chicken shit. There’s other work to do:

stephen in the garden

Stephen digs furrows.


Stupidly straight, perfect furrows in the insanely rich, red soil.

kate mulching

Kate mulches,

Kisha planting soya beans

and Kisha plants soya beans.

leah with ffene

Come join us. After work we share jackfruit!

We want volunteers who need time off of their own busy schedules. Let us show you another way to live!


3 thoughts on “In the garden #Uganda

  1. Yum, I love jackfruit! I have only had it canned, would love to try it fresh!!! It makes the BEST vegan bbq pulled pork sandwiches, (seriously this stuff will fool any carnivore out there!) it’s delish! 🙂

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