Dignity and diapers

Hey folks! Today’s post is an update on our Christmas fundraiser, The Kijani Christmas Gift Drive, which I wrote about in November here. Please give it a read for background. I’m happy to announce the fundraiser netted 30 high quality re-usable diapers, donated to The Real Uganda, to be given out to women we work with.

Kijani (Kiswahili for “green”) is a Kampala based social enterprise. They employ Ugandan mothers to make high quality, low cost, cloth diapers. They’re great for our environment and save tonnes of cash over disposables. Check out their website.

Yesterday, I was in Mayindo, Buikwe, visiting the Hopeline ladies. It was decided to split the 30 diapers we received from Kijani equally between the Hopeline Women Groups. The remaining 15 will be given out in Bulyantete next week. Many of you reading this know and love these ladies. It’s my pleasure to give this brief update.

How the diapers were divied up in Mayindo:

The group currently has 2 babies still in diapers. Namatovu’s little Hussain and Rachel’s Jovia. Hussain is Namatovu’s 8th baby. Jovia is Rachel’s first. Each mummy received 3 diapers that came with 2 absorbent inserts each. Here they are modelling their new duds:

I’m also happy to announce that 3 more of the Mayindo ladies are pregnant! Nantongo, Specioza and Deseranta are all expecting. They were also each given 3 diapers with 2 inserts each.

I gave a demonstration about how to properly fit and adjust the size, and talked about proper diaper maintenance. These things are meant to be used over the life of these and future babies! We passed the diapers around and everyone got a chance to fully examine the quality of materials and tailoring. Many ladies were just as interested in how the diapers were made as they were in how the diapers will change their lives. I think some of these women are going to compete with Kijani in future.

Some initial remarks from the Mayindo ladies:

Namatovu only let Hussain wear his diaper for the photos and then removed it before it could get soiled. She said she was going to use her diapers at night. She and Hussain co-sleep and he pees the bed every night. The old towels and other cloth pieces she wraps him in take time everyday to clean and always smell. Besides, the wetness wakes her up. These diapers are going to improve this mummy’s life immediately!

Halima said she has spent her life going back and forth between home and the nearby sugar plantation for work. She’s had over 14 babies and carried each and every one of them on her back during work. She never had the benefit of diapers. When her babies peed or made a poo, it soaked into her clothing. She’s happy her sisters in the group will not have to “walk around smelling like male-goats!”

Mayindo ladies with diapers

Future goals?

Our aim for these diapers is to have the ladies use them for a few months and then go back and collect their feedback. If they really like them and use them regularly, The Real Uganda will keep this fundraiser going. We’ll take donations from volunteers and well-wishers to buy from Kijani and spread the benefits throughout both women’s groups!

If you’d like to get involved, click on this link to our donation page. Each diaper (with 2 absorbent inserts) retails in Kampala for about $10. Your donation of $13 will facilitate the purchase and delivery of 1 diaper to a mummy in need. Write “diaper” in the Description box and we’ll make sure things get sorted on the ground and you get a note of thanks with report!

Hopeline Organization’s long term plan is to build a creative training centre. Sewing machines and tailor training will be on offer. I’ll bet you 10 diapers the Hopeline ladies will go into reusable diaper production before too long!

6 thoughts on “Dignity and diapers

  1. I am very happy to one of the people who donated money for a few diapers. When I ordered them, they came with a miniature diaper presented as an ornament (which was posted by a volunteer when she returned to Australia). I gave these to my two children – they will hang on each of our Christmas trees every year in memory of Uganda (We volunteered in 2005!!). Thanks Leslie for making this happen.

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    1. Hi Kathy! My pleasure! These ladies are part of my life and it’s great to find a local way to ease their lives a bit. Thanks for contributing to the fundraiser and for keeping your family involved.


    1. Thanks for reading! I posted about the diaper fundraiser on our Instagram and some followers have pledged to send their own second, cloth diapers once their kid are grown. I LOVE social media for development!!

      And thank you for reading. Please share as we cannot afford to actually pay for advertising. Our funds are used in local communities!

      Have a great day!

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