Running to travel or travelling to run?

Are you a runner? Are you a traveller? Want to do both and support a really great cause?

The Real Uganda and Global Volunteer Network are in the final stages of putting together a team to meet up in Uganda, run an upcountry marathon, and visit some of our community based programs. Plan to be in Uganda June 4th to 9th!

Most people don’t know, but Uganda hosts a super cool upcountry full, half and 10km marathon that is entering it’s second year. By registering, you’ll be supporting local runners in their mission to complete the marathon. By fund raising, you’ll be supporting 2 partner programs of The Real Uganda. By running, you’ll be showing the world that Uganda is an amazing and safe travel destination with rolling hills, lush green country-side, clean air, and friendly and enthusiastic people. Wow, that’s a lot of bucket list ticks.

Here’s how it’ll all go: We’re set to collect the team at Entebbe International Airport on the afternoon of June 4th. We’ll travel together in comfort to Masaka where we’ll meet race organizers and other runners (a carb-loading party, if you will). The next morning, we’ll run our hearts out. After a night of rest, it’s time to travel to Mukono, where The Real Uganda is based. We’ll spend 2 days touring ongoing programs that create real change in their communities.

We’ve got some add-on options for touristy things, starting on June 9th, as well.

lunch is served
These little dudes will continue to get a free hot lunch because of this initiative!

Interested? We still have 3 spaces left. Want information about how to get involved? Click here. (Please tell everyone you know!)

Don’t have any travel time in June? Still want to see what The Real Uganda is all about? Click here. We work with more than 10 community based programs in the areas of education, agriculture and conservation, public health, and small business development. We’re always looking for volunteers who want to explore all facets of life in Uganda.

Have a great weekend and wish us luck as we train!

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