Life in Uganda: The good, the bad, the ugly… and the RAD!

Tuesday was the weirdest day I’ve had in a LONG TIME. However, by the end, all I can say is that the extremes of good, bad, ugly, and rad didn’t carry forward to affect my week. Each day is new and simply contributes to my journey.  At my age, most of the “bad” is usually cause for a laugh or an eye roll anyway…

So, I woke up at 6:22am (bad) to my 3 year old saying “mummy, I made a mistake”, which means he peed the bed (bad). It’s still dark at 6:22am in Uganda (normally good), so when I clicked the light switch and got no response, I knew I was starting the day with no electricity (bad). I dislike parenting with no power. Upon shining my flashlight in his bed, I found my kid had been sleeping on a HUGE (now pee soaked) ROACH (ugly).

I napalmed my house about 2 years ago and there have been literally NO roaches in it since then… this ugliness cannot be understated.

Electricity or not, my water heater was full, and I took a hot shower (rad). I ate a home baked, chocolate chip, bran muffin (good) with my french pressed Starbucks coffee (good). Lucas enjoyed his morning mango (good). It’s mango season in Uganda and they’re absolutely delicious and cost about 50 cents each (so rad).

morning coffee
My Spider-Man cup (rad)

We got out of the house early (good) and Lucas made it to school on time (good) and I set off for Kampala. I was going to be early for a meeting with a potential new partner for The Real Uganda (RAD). It took 20 minutes to drive from Mukono to Banda during rush hour traffic (incredibly rad). I couldn’t believe it, in the almost 12 years of making this journey,  this had NEVER happened to me before (rad)! BUT all traffic stopped just after Banda (bad). It took me 1 hour and 40 minutes to crawl the final 2km to Spear Motors and enter Kampala proper (ugly). I ended up being an hour late for my meeting (bad). But was forgiven on arrival (rad).

The meeting was a good one. I was inspired, challenged, accepted, encouraged, and delightfully exhausted by it (rad). I left for a catch up lunch with a close friend (rad) that I had been unable to connect with for over 6 weeks (bad). On the way back to Mukono I remembered to buy cat food (good). You can’t buy cat food in Mukono (bad).

Our kitty, Destroyer (rad)

The evening with my little dude went well (good). We jumped on the trampoline, drew pictures, ate supper, bathed, read books, and slept early (good).

And that was my good, bad, ugly, and rad Tuesday. How was yours? Don’t remember? It’s cool. Just proves that the past has passed. Time to start anew. Have an awesome weekend!

11 thoughts on “Life in Uganda: The good, the bad, the ugly… and the RAD!

  1. Don’t use the Jinja Road leg after Kireka during rush hour. Take the turn off via Kinawattaka and your options increase two-fold (Mbuya or Bugolobi). But whatever you do, avoid the peak hours.
    I wish you more rad (I like that term now) in future!

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  2. Hi Leslie!
    My cousin and I are heading to Africa in April (still yet to confirm where we are heading but top of the list is Uganda). I have read some of your blogs and comments you have made on other blogs. Do you need any support from a couple of girls wishing to volunteer with you?



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