Thirty Years of Bananas

My Ugandan readers will get a little something from that title… Alex and I go WAY back! And, despite what you think, I’m not about to get political…

I just wanted to share something I did today. Because it’s something I’ve never done before. Something totally normal. I made chocolate chunk banana muffins. Yup, that’s right. I had bunch of these,


so I downloaded a generic banana bread recipe off the internet and got to work.

It’s important to note that after almost 12 years living in Uganda, I only recently bought myself a second hand oven. I call her Bev, and she’s rad. The only dish I own that can be used inside Bev, is an incredibly overpriced muffin tin I got at Shoprite.

Another point, Uganda is a country without chocolate chips. (Can you imagine?) Luckily, my baby daddy flies in and out of this country and brings me chocolate from Europe (awwww). Since he often forgets I don’t eat dark chocolate, I had a tonne of it stashed in my fridge (rad).

Anyhoo, I went up the road to buy the only ingredient I didn’t have on hand. Check out that baking soda packaging. It’s so 1960s!

banana muffins

I put everything together, spooned it into the tin, and walked away for 40 minutes. They turned out perfectly.

banana muffins

My secret? Of course, it’s mostly in the bananas themselves. You can’t beat the tiny sweet bananas we get here. But you gotta mash ’em with your hands, Ugandan style, so they’re a little chunky. And TOTALLY substitute butter for amazing, Ugandan avocado. These ones fell off our tree a couple days ago.

huge Ugandan avocados

Pretty sweet life, eh?

If you’d like to see what Uganda is all about, think about spending a few weeks volunteering here. The Real Uganda sources international volunteers wishing to support locally-led initiatives that develop real communities. We let you in on all the secrets!

thirty years

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