My (outdated) Panafrican Playlist

Yeah, I peaked at 38… more than a few years ago. Before motherhood. Before going back to school. Before my friends got married and moved away from Mukono. But, boy did I have a rad time pissing away immensely enjoying my 30s, here in Uganda.

“Mukono is the new Kampala” we used to say while swilling beer and chewing pork at our regular Wednesday night meeting. We used to shake it at a number of venues around Kampala too. And the music was ALWAYS rad.

I’ve collected a lot of it over the years and am having fun these days shakin’ it with my 3 year old (always before 9pm). I’m going to share with you some of the music that moved Uganda, myself, and a whole bunch of former volunteers. Each video below is an official music video that could be shared from YouTube, so enjoy with no copyright violation worries. My challenge for the African readers here: can you top these with anything NEW? Please drop links in the comments! (No need to send any P. Square, they’re a favourite around here…)

More than 10 years old, there is no African who didn’t have this song on their playlist. I refuse to retire this song. Go ahead, listen to it now.

Uganda has lots of songs about shakin’ it. Here’s Ngoni. This was my ringtone for about 5 years (and, yes, I can shake it and back it up).

Radio and Weasel have a way with words, don’t they? Man, this one brings back memories!

For my ode to Jose Chameleone, I chose Badilisha. But only because I couldn’t find Mbalangire or Balinze Makungula. I love a man with a message. And he’s still relevant! Either that or Chameleone and I are aging at the same pace…

I’m not gonna lie, Nigerians make some extremely amazing music. But Oliver Twist by D’banj CANNOT be beat. You must begin to shake it, when this song plays.

Now, Mafikizolo have TONNES of super rad music, but Khona totally shook me up a few years ago. And the video is magic. I loved it so much I had a friend living in South Africa buy the full CD and mail it to me. The entire thing is gold.

And we can’t forget the amazing African women making music. This one makes me smile and sing out loud when it comes on in the car.

Stella Mwani is from Kenya. And she makes good music for shakin’ it too.

Of course we have Uganda’s own Juliana Kanyomozi. Voice like an angel. Here’s one of my favourites, but I could recommend about 10 more. In fact, I used to sing Sanyu Lyange to my pregnant stomach.

One more from the ladies. Yemi Alade. She’s from Nigeria. This could still be considered current.

No African playlist is complete without a little P. Square. There’s some rad dancing in this video.

And a collabo from J. Martins (Nigerian) and Cabo Snoop (Angola). This one is a TOTAL GUILTY PLEASURE! I made some pretty great memories when this song was out.

I’m gonna leave it at that. My hope is that you are inspired to head out tonight and do some shakin’ of your own. I await your recommendations.

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