The true value of Ugandan childhood

rad bike
My kid falling off the raddest bike ever.

Hi there!

We’ve decided to move this blog post over to our full website, This post is just too good to be kept here on my little ol’ blog. Have a look through the comments… all those people couldn’t be wrong.

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15 thoughts on “The true value of Ugandan childhood

  1. I love hearing these everyday stories that you share. Takes me out of my mid-western home and transports me to a place far away. We all have something to offer each other when we learn how each other live day-to-day. ūüôā Alexis

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    1. I just did a life-threatening double-take; the only person I have ever known called Folake was VERY dear to me but we were about five years old and the only two black kids in our school…

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  2. Such wonderful insight into the life of a child in Uganda. Often times we pity the life they live, and it’s humbling to remember that the lessons they learn often lead them to becoming better humans than the rest of us. Thanks for sharing.

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  3. I totally agree with you! Why do people in the western world always try to change the way everyone else lives, thinking their way is the best way? Family ties, survival skills, resourcefulness and the appreciation for nature are but a few things that are valued better in non-western countries and I sometimes believe happiness is among those as well.

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