Visa fees into Uganda lowered by 50%, making Uganda tourism the cheapest thrill in Africa!

lake mburo with hippos
Who wants to go to Lake Mburo?!

Wow! This is the first I’m hearing about this… but… AWESOME!! With all the issues we’ve been having over the new visa e-registration system (which is now working fine, by the way), this is a welcome message!

Let The Real Uganda be among the first to help with the global marketing. Tourist visas to Uganda have been reduced in price from $100 to $50. Time to start planning YOUR trip. You can start by perusing our website!

Won’t our August visitors be surprised?!


The first part of that headline above is the kind of thing we call another missed opportunity.

Today is July 21, 2016.

I am approaching the highly exciting news that Uganda has amended the cost of single entry visas payable on arrival at ports of entry from US$100 to US$50, effective today.
This piece of news is of great economic significance for the entire country at large as it makes us more attractive for tourists in general because it enables our tour operators to offer more competitive packages (especially when you consider that you get a lot more wildlife and other tourism-related experiences for your bucks when you spend in Uganda compared to other countries in the region).
It also brings to an end many months of agonising, lobbying and jostling with the government to lower these fees – which were increased in July last year from US$50 to…

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