The Real Uganda Week in Pictures

We’ve had an amazing week at The Real Uganda. I’ve been busy saying good-bye to our seven remaining June/July volunteers. So many great personalities, so little time. I’m glad I got the opportunity to hang out in Jinja with them over the weekend. I’m glad I could spend some time in the village this week with them. I’m glad I have the raddest job in the world.

Here’s how it all turned out!

The work:

vivian and nihan
Vivian, Nihan and Mama Shameem making mud for an energy efficient stove
Jessca teaching Nandini to make chapatti
week in pictures
Stephanie wielding a panga, while Robinah and Specioza giggle over her two-handed technique

The women:

vivian practicing
Vivian, who is getting married in September, practicing for next year
Halima making sure our chapattis are cooked to perfection

The little ones:

baby toes
Yay baby toes!
chillin in Mayindo
Lucky and baby Specioza

The departing volunteers (little tear):

the group
Me with my people! Eve, Bex, Roy, Daniel, and Nandini (missing: Nihan and Stephanie… enjoying a massage in Jinja town!)
nihan and stephanie
Nihan and Stephanie

Like these photos? This is pretty much what we feature daily on our Instagram and Facebook pages. Please have a look and follow if you like what you see.

Interested in becoming a part of The Real Uganda? We’re looking for volunteers, available to spend 2 to 12 weeks in Uganda, who are looking to expand their view of the world, culture, and development. I promise amazing community work, people, travel, sun, and beer.

And how was your week?

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