It’s Time to Make a Move

Hey folks!!

It’s been a few months since I lasted posted to this blog. Instead, I’ve been focusing my time on developing The Real Uganda’s website and blog. Because it’s just too time consuming to be a single mum, an MBA student, the managing director of The Real Uganda, and run 2 blogs at the same time – I’ve decided that something had to go. I’ve chosen to close this blog.

The existing posts will stay up and continue to be found on Google and Pinterest for people thinking critically about Uganda, and wondering how to go about visiting and volunteering here. But all new content will be published directly on The Real Uganda’s blog.

If you’ve enjoyed my posts over the last 2 years, please head over to The Real Uganda’s website. You’ll find a handy subscription bar right at the top. Just enter your email address and you’re done. You’ll then begin to receive our newsletter. It comes out every 6 to 8 weeks, and contains links to all our new blog posts plus news about our partners and programs.

I’ve taken the liberty of adding the email subscribers for this blog to The Real Uganda’s, and will send our latest newsletter to them later on today. However, for all you bloggers – I’ll leave it up to you to take the next step. I hope you decide to stay with me.

Oh! Another cool announcement: After over 12 years of life in Uganda, I was made a citizen last week. February 3rd will forever be celebrated in my home as the day I became a REAL UGANDAN!! I’m still in shock but couldn’t be more pleased.

Before signing off, I’d just like to say that it’s been RAD networking with you all. I’ve loved (virtually) meeting such a variety of new people and reading your interesting and entertaining blogs. I promise to continue to do so.

Much love from Mukono, Uganda,

Leslie Weighill


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