Uganda as a success story, only no one knows!

The Real Uganda is a small, locally run, non-profit, based in Uganda. We try to connect with international volunteers (I call them “vollies”) who believe that cultural exchange and engagement are among the best ways we (as non-Africans) can help Ugandans when we visit this amazing country.

The Real Uganda doesn’t accept people who want to “save” Uganda. We don’t want volunteers who are focused on poverty, orphans, disease, hunger, or (god forbid) international adoption. Yes, life is sometimes hard. But we want vollies who understand that Uganda has many stories. We look for those who want to experience Uganda in its entirety.

Uganda is a vibrant, safe, peaceful, beautiful, chaotic, and welcoming place. The Real Uganda wants to share it with the world!

In this regard, we broadcast our message all over social media. But it’s not easy these days. Facebook, where we have most of our followers, doesn’t allow almost 90% of our people to even see our content. Unless we pay for it. Which sucks, as our funds are best used in supporting locally run projects. Many of our volunteers are not active on twitter either. But we’re there. Instagram and LinkedIn too. How active should The Real Uganda be on Pinterest?

We post fun photos and stories about current and past volunteers. We give updates about what’s going on at our partner projects. We spread news about Ugandan and African current events, business, and trends. We share articles about responsible international volunteering and travel. I love putting together all this information. But it’s a shame that no one gets to see it. When they used to see it. I’m often asked “where have you gone?”

So, this is my call to action (yes, THE catch phrase of 2015) – to spread the word about the successes of Uganda and the impact our volunteers make. In case you are new to us, you can read more about that here and here. This is what you can do to help:

1. If you’ve been to Uganda – tell EVERYONE you meet how awesome it is. How peaceful and safe it is. How freaking gorgeous it is. (To all my former vollies already doing this – THANK YOU!! It’s much appreciated. Please don’t stop!)

2. Share this blog with your friends (all our media links in one convenient location, how nice!)

3. Contribute to this blog. If you’ve been here and have a fun story or relevant words of wisdom, forward it to me. Those of you who have expressed interest in submitting – I’m waiting!

4. If you follow us on Facebook, interact with our posts. Or, go to our home page, hover over the “liked” button and click “get notifications”. This way you’ll actually get to see what’s going on over here.

5. Share our website, photos, posts, and news with your friends.

6. If you haven’t been, discover it for yourself.

We’ve had around 850 volunteers from all over the world come through our doors. That’s a lot of impact. That’s a lot of fun and adventure too. In return for your help, I’ve put together a little slide show featuring the possibilities and joys of volunteering with The Real Uganda. Talk to you again next week!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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